What’s This All About?

I’m into yoga. My dog isn’t. I just like looking at her energy.

 I’ve spent decades as an early childhood creative movement specialist. I invented Hullabaloo Danceshop so I can make up, dances, activities and reasons to get kids moving just for the heck of it. They don’t need to be convinced.

As an 500 RYT I use  thoughts and stories to encourage adults to look at their practice as more than just a physical activity,  meaning they don’t have to go to the gym. (That’s the only reason I started.)

Using Sanskrit words is fun but half the time no one really knows what they are saying or why. Anyone who has memorized the Ashtanga opening chant knows what I mean. This blog will bring some real meaning to words that are hard to pronounce.

There’s much more to yoga than practicing peacock on a picnic table or saying Namaste with a straight face. It’s a way of thinking that can make you feel like springing through Queen Anne’s Lace at the drop of a hat. Then again it may encourage you to curl up contentedly in front of the fire.

Please enjoy these posts and let them get you thinking. 

Namaste (HA!)