Ma’am what is the nature of your emergency?

Dee and I took a road trip to the next town up yesterday. It was sort of a bust because no shoes at TJMx, favorite sandwich shop closed, in fact most stores closed. What ever happened to the days where no one celebrated the Sabbath?
Driving down the main drag we noticed the lights in the windows of the cool dress shop. It was the only store open for blocks. Well it was and it wasn’t.
We walked in and it seemed a bit under lit but maybe the shopkeeper just arrived and was busy in the back. We browsed… and browsed…and browsed.
“Maybe she’s in the bathroom.”
“Yeah probably. Would you ever wear this?”
After about 10 minutes (maybe 15) it became evident that we were alone. 
“Maybe we should just go.”
“We can’t just go. Maybe I should call her.”
I looked up the store on my phone. Sure enough the web site said closed on Sundays. I called the number and we listened to the phone ring on the counter next to us and then listened to me leave a message.
“Uh we are here in your shop, the door was unlocked but I guess you are closed. Maybe I’ll call 911. Bye”
“Ma’am what is the nature of your emergency?”
“Well it’s not really an emergency, you see we are in this store…”
“Ma’am where are you?”
We couldn’t see any street signs and for some reason didn’t feel walking outside was an option OR looking at the address on the phone for that matter.
“Uh we are on a corner across from a bank. I think it’s Main Street and something.”
“Someone will be right down” Quite impressive considering the lame directions. We looked at jewelry and pocketbooks until the young officer arrived.
He took our names and asked how long we had been there.
“About 5 minutes or so”, that was sort of a lie.
We helpfully pointed out a closed door in the back that we assumed was the bathroom. He pounded on it and said “Anyone in there, this is the city police”. He was kind of loud so we didn’t know whether to laugh or be alarmed.
As he went on his rounds we kept browsing. 
“Maybe she’ll give us a free outfit for being good citizens. What would you pick out?”
She arrived and thanked us. We were allowed to go. No free gifts.
“Did I steal anything? I sort of feel like I did.”
“You mean something like this cute necklace?” (Kidding)
An hour later we saw the same policeman in the nearby mall as I pulled out of the parking spot.
“Is he following us?”
“Wait! I don’t have my seatbelt on.”
“Hey me neither and look I’m smoking a joint!” (Kidding)
I dropped Dee off and then called Mom to tell her of our adventure. I spoke with her earlier in the day so all I had to do was say “Redial” 
The robot voice speaking from the radio said
“Redialing 911”
It did.
Asteya means non-stealing.  (Uh-stee-yuh) It is one of the Yamas, how we relate and behave in the world. 
What if we were bad guys? We easily could have pocketed something. I wonder how things might have turned out if it was a candy store.
You never know when your actions or inactions will change the course of someone’s day. 
We saved the day, Namaste.

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