Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie has been used as an icebreaker for at least two generations.  Colleagues, fellow workshop attendees, and slumber party guests get to know each other by guessing which of three statements is false. It’s a good way to see who is up for stimulating conversation and who couldn’t care less. 

The latter says something like this-

  • I’m afraid of snakes.
  • I’m afraid of mice.
  • I’m afraid of bats.

All statements could be true but which one isn’t? You don’t get much personal information here except that the person is a scaredy cat or purposely private. I suppose it could be a conversation starter but not necessarily a long or interesting one. Thank you for sharing.

The former, the stimulator, likes to tease the audience with tidbits of information, and their fib is usually one with a variation on the truth rather than a baldfaced lie.

  • I gave the Bicentennial speech on the town green when I was 17.
  • I came in 1st in a ski race where everyone else fell or lost a ski.
  • A guy gave me a bloody nose in a disco in Italy.

Actually I came in 4th, twenty seconds behind 3rd place, she finished the race on one ski after falling.

All three declarations are more intriguing. We’re talking (possibly) about a history of public speaking, international travel, and athletic prowess.

I’d much rather talk about innocent assaults in nightclubs than snakes any day.

My blond haired friend came up with a third option which essentially wrecks the game. The idea is to say things that are totally inappropriate and ridiculous.

  • I never tip more than 10% at a restaurant.
  • I slept with my best friend’s husband yesterday.
  • I think no lives matter.
  • I have red hair.

“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot it’s just two truths not three.”

Obviously the speaker doesn’t have red hair, but what does that mean? Who is this person? 

This is an opportunity to show the people who you aren’t. Not great as an icebreaker, but then again…

There’s a writing prompt that I ignore, “Write about something you’ve never told anyone”. Why would I ignore responding to this invasion of privacy? Is it because 

  • I could go to jail?
  • I think writing prompts are stupid?
  • I’m afraid you will look at me differently?

No matter which are true and which is false, it’s none of your business.

When you publish a book or a blog, writing is an icebreaker. You will either bore people to death, inspire conversation, or notice averted eyes when you are at the grocery store. Wait! Are we still playing two truths and a lie?

Namaste- Pinocchio rules! Can I get a Hurray?!

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