Proudly celebrating 50 years of sisters wetting their pants!

Okay, so we had a late start.

It was the summer of 1972 and Dee and I were ten and twelve respectively. We were trapped in a house of, surprisingly clean, plastic panels. It was a House of Mirrors with no mirrors. “Over here!” I called. Her look of relief didn’t last long as she ran into the invisible barrier.

I didn’t feel bad because I hadn’t intentionally misled her. No one should feel bad for her anyway, I was the one wetting my pants laughing.

Since that episode I have been more of the catalyst rather than the reactor.

As we started down the aisle at Mom and Pen’s wedding rehearsal, my Wicked Witch of the West impression made her run out of the church.

In my defense, all I did was point one toe forward and say “Are you ready to go my pretty?”

More than once she’s had to sit on towels, after I’ve ordered iced teas at McDonalds using a clever blend of foreign accents. 

So many great memories!

It’s just by chance that our 50th year would culminate in two definites and at least four really close calls over a three day period in Burlington last week.

That’s a lot of urine. 

Dee‘s best line, “Let’s ask in the restaurant if they serve anything without liquid”.

My best was anytime she said “Stop… Stop talking now…I really mean it!” (I hear that a lot from her. It’s a sure sign that I’m on to something.)

Mom intimated that making Dee lose control is a mean thing to do but she’s dead wrong on that one. It’s not like I’m tickling her. That would be abusive. 

I just can’t seem to stop talking. Although I am the first one to pull the car over or say “You can’t see a thing with my sweatshirt tied around your waist.” I appreciate her release.

Engaging Muhla Banda is really helpful in circumstances such as these. By contracting the muscles in the pelvic floor, accidents rarely happen and your energy (prana) doesn’t cascade out of you. 

Unfortunately for Dee, she had to leave me and race out of the yoga class before that got explained.

But, yogis don’t engage Muhla Banda all the time. Releasing energy is also important.

Laughter is cathartic. It cleanses the system. Tears of laughter are the most delightful and the most joyous.

Namaste- here’s to laundry day every day!

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