Productive Dilly-Dallying

I’m in the middle of a project and am in Procrastination Mode. I know so because I have redecorated, rearranged my books, organized my purses, and categorized everything in my 9×10 dorm room office. Tapestries are still a thing in our house.

I found my calendars from 1987 on. Not found but pulled off the shelf. I’m going through each one jotting down interesting facts. (I’ve done a lot of birthday parties for kids and have also seen more concerts than I literally remember.)

Some years included a lot of eating out. Other years have a lot of dinner parties in. 

I’m only up to 2010 but what’s interesting to me, so far, is it takes me an hour to go through each year. I’ve timed it. That means that no matter whether I was confused or confident, solvent or squeaking by, focused or figuring things out, time was and remains constant.

Perhaps my information processing speed is faster or slower than others.

Nevertheless, the past years may have felt like a blur but they weren’t. We don’t know what blocks of time feel like until we think about them for more than a second or two after. That’s when memories can start drifting in. Memories, whether fabricated, recovered, or honored are what remind us we are human.

It’s interesting to notice trends from decade to decade or relationship to relationship. It’s fun to see how diverging career paths makes sense. It’s fascinating to notice what gets highlighted and what doesn’t. It’s reassuring to notice that sometimes names disappear and then return.

I’m comfortable taking 35 hours to remind myself of 35 years of my life.  Any more and I would bore myself to death.

Being a productive procrastinator, I’m now going to separate the metal bindings, plastic dividers, and paper for the recycling bins.

Namaste- I wonder what I note down today?

5 thoughts on “Productive Dilly-Dallying”

  1. Alexandra,
    I am very familiar with procrastination syndrome! But want to avoid it in this matter. Yoga!

    Bill and I will be back in Vermont in late May and this summer want to resume steady yoga practice throughout our stay until October.
    Can you help us? I have made good recovery from stroke so do want yoga that incorporates strengthening as well as flexibility. We would do it twice a week preferably early mornings. But we are flexible.

    Hope your year is going well and all family is flourishing whatever the circumstances. Thinking particularly of your Mom.

    Namaste 🙏


    Wenke B. Thoman


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