Nothing wrong with living in a fairy tale.

Peter has been out of town for a few nights. That doesn’t happen often so I take the opportunity to clear out clutter. I’m not going into details on what got culled, I like to see if he notices- and believe me- he will look when he returns home.

I got inspired by a friend of mine who pretends her house is going on the market. She goes around cleaning, tidying, and staging each room. “I’ve got four rooms finished and even touched up the trim with paint!”

The least I could do, after chucking two bottles of fish sauce with 2014 expiration dates, was to continue to go through old beauty products.

The 24 mini bottles of body lotion I purchased on EBay that smelled so good in a hotel  ten years ago were among the first to go.

I also tossed an assortment of brushes that would have had more use in a kindergarten art class. I’m sure they came from a makeover in NYC around 15 years ago. I wasn’t aware that you should look for an advisor with similar skin tone or whose makeup you liked.

My makeup artist was a very attractive African American man half my age. He smelled nice.

My next cosmetic advisor, Nadia, was a better choice. Because she is my friend, she wasn’t making a commission. “Try this stuff, it’s excellent!” So I did.

I looked radiant, dewy, and downright perky. The products were fantastic! It was as if I were wearing no makeup at all. I could feel the appreciative, and perhaps slightly envious looks from others.

On the fourth day I realized I’d never broken the seal, nor removed the clear protective covers on the balm, stick, or bronzer. No wonder this product felt like I was wearing nothing at all.

I was literally and figuratively wearing Puss’s boots dressed in the Emperor’s new clothes.

I sure fooled myself. I love placebos, they get me all the time. Then again, confidence comes from within.

Namaste- nude with boots? No way!